Aerial Yoga Trapeeze


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  • Model Number: NSYH-01
  • Colors: 20 Colors


Professional design: a multi-functional anti-gravity yoga hammock made with high-intensity parachute fabric
Unique features: large and comfortable, lightweight and breathable fabric, triple height adjustment
Health Benefits: Use it to decompress the spinal cord and enhance the strength of the upper limbs. Regular use can enhance the body and maintain a healthy body versatility: not only as a yoga hammock, but also as a swing chair, when the longest part of the middle Take it out independently, you can hang it on the tree and use it as an ordinary hammock.
Accessories:a variety of packages are available, please purchase as needed
Material: 210T nylon taffta (also called parachute cloth), 
Expansion screw rings material: 304 stainless steel,
Extension belt material: high-strength polyester
Packing: with the same color storage bag

Net weight: 6 handle hammock (standard) about 1200 grams

Material: 210T nylon taffta
Size: 250*150cm
Color: 20 colors
Net weight: about 1250g
Load Capacity: 300kg

Package list:   1*Yoga Main Hammock, 2*Assistant Hammock with Handle, 4*carabiner 



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Atrovirens, black, blue, Dark purple, Gray, green, Green atrovirens, Orange, Orange yellow, pink, red, Sky Blue, Sky blue black, Sky blue blue, Sky blue yellow, Violet, Violet light purple, Violet white, White, Yellow

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